May 032012

Well I am a business coach!!  So no surprise I might start a post with a huge leading question – Going It Alone????  You certainly wouldn’t be surprised because I help business people to not feel alone. I help business people to achieve their success because they are not alone, but have the help they need or want.  The idea here is that when we are in business, we should do what we do well and everything else should be sourced to someone else who can do it better, cheaper and maybe even faster.

Forget about your pride because you do not need to have all of the answers.  What you need to be doing is whatever it takes to be successful.  When we start a new business we address our legal issues by hiring a lawyer.  If you are running a contracting business, then presumably you are not a legal expert, so you are fine to hire a lawyer.  If you are running a retail store or a clothing shop, or you are an expert in buying merchandise or you have great insight what customers are interested in buying this season, then you make buying decisions or display decisions.  But you are not making accounting decisions.  So for your bookkeeping and accounting needs you hire an accountant.  Well for some reason, many of us believe that if we are running our own business then we must be an expert in business.  And for those people, they may not be comfortable outsourcing the important functions of running a business to a third party.   Well their pride may be causing them one of the biggest problems in their business.  They think that must be their job and they have to do it.

I recently met with a lawyer.  The lawyer is looking for help to grow his business.  He is presumably a great lawyer.  This is what he was trained to be, wants to be and enjoys doing.  He doesn’t like marketing or selling to find new clients.  But as we all know, as entrepreneurs, we must be able to do it all – and do it all by ourselves and alone.  But this is just not true.  So we should do what we are good at and what we like.  Because then coming to work everyday is great.

Remember business is business, accounting is accounting and legal stuff is legal stuff.  If you are the expert in contracting, plumbing, financial advisory, legal advisory, retail selling, restaurants, and so on and so on, then be the expert in your job, and consider hiring experts to do what ever else you need to get done.  Hire the lawyer, hire the banker, hire the accountant and hire the business coach.

Consider the following article I read in  (5 Resources You Need to Succeed to Start a Business, Susan Ward; ).  This article was written about businesses in Canada but it fits for anywhere else too.  She begins with a reference to 1 out of 4 businesses failing in just the first year.  And we all know about the failure rate of new businesses (so why go it alone???).  And then she discusses the 5 resources you need to succeed to start a business.  I provided the link so you can read about all of them.

The author includes two categories in the 5 categories, which are Get the Business Knowledge You Need and Have a Good Support System.  This is where a coach comes in.  Consider that a business coach (a business advisor, if you prefer) can actually help support a business owner in both of these areas.  This is what a business coach does.  We bring our ears and our hearts to the owner to support them through all the tough times.  We are the board of directors, the partner, the co-worker, and maybe even the spouse (as our article writer writes about) to the business owner.  We do provide the support system.  Additionally, we are experts in business.  You might say we are the doctors of business.  We have the knowledge, experience and tools necessary to find the right path.  We focus on important business issues,  which may include the vision and mission of your company, your goals, employee challenges, marketing your business, getting prospects to become clients and helping owners truly add value to their communities and clients.

There is a lot of expertise in a business coach.  So… do you find you are working too many hours, not finding enough leads, or converting enough to paying clients.  Maybe you are not certain what the best approach to use to market your business.  Have you exhausted yourself trying new ideas which you just can’t seem to figure out.  Well don’t go it alone.  Reach out for help.  You will reduce your stress and frustration and you will find the success you need and want.

As a certified business coach, I help owners shorten their time to reach their success.  Everything I do can be customized to a particular business challenge.  Have you used a business coach?  What do you think about asking for help?  What kind of outsourcing have you done in your business (lawyers, accountants, marketing, others).

I wish you all success.   And don’t believe you have to go it alone. Because you just don’t have to.

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