Recommended Reading List


Title, Author, Published

Book Yourself Solid, Michael Port, 2011

Death by Meeting, Patrick Lencioni, 2004

Eat That Frog, Brian Tracy, 2002

Flight Plan, Brian Tracy, 2008

Guerilla Marketing, Jay Conrad Levinson, 1998

Key Performance Indicators, David Parmenter, 2007

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits, Verne Harnish, 2002

Psychology of Achievement, Brian Tracy

Psychology of Selling, Brian Tracy

Sales Bible, Jeffrey Gitomer, 2003

Selling to VITO, Anthony Parinello, 1999

Super Learning, Georgi Lozanov

Tested Advertising Methods, John Caples, 1998

The E Myth Revisited, Michael E. Gerber, 2001

The Way to Wealth, Part I, Brian Tracy, 2007

The Way to Wealth in Action, Brian Tracy, 2007